How to help?

Financial help

Different ways to support us. Please indicate if you want your money to be used for a specific purpose of a particular project.


Uchrezhdenie Kovcheg
IIN: KZ96 826A 1KZT D201 2799 (tenge)
IIN: KZ04 826A 1EUR D200 1640 (euros)
BIN: 000940001535

Каспи Gold: 5169 4971 0133 8725


We accept any help. Food, clothing, shoes, stationery. Where to bring?
Talgare city, Bayseytova st. 1.

Volunteer assistance.

Today, it is with great pleasure that we observe that awareness of social responsibility is developing, especially among young people. There are many groups of volunteers who come to visit us and offer their help. We are glad for this, but at the same time it requires close cooperation in order for the contribution of volunteers to truly meet the needs of our children. Therefore, we ask those who want to contribute to the development of our family to contact us to develop a program of activities.

NEEDS – Tutoring in some school subjects. Master classes in various areas of manual activity. Sports activities (better if professional).

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