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Vision and Mission

Vision – Every child has the RIGHT to live in a family surrounded by love. The child has the RIGHT to education and medical care “regardless of origin, race and nationality, social and property status, gender, language, religion, place of residence, state of health and other circumstances relating to the child,” as stated in the Constitution. The present of the child should help to be in the future, a full member of society.

Mission – Offer children or families at risk who are knocking at our door, living conditions as close as possible to family ones. This means an individual approach to the child, unique and inimitable, an attempt to realize the needs and desires and accompany him on the path of human growth. Wherever possible, we are looking for those who are adopted to prepare a camp on two fronts: to look for families who want to adopt, adequately prepare them to welcome the child, and prepare the child for a place as peaceful as possible. For all those who, for various reasons, cannot be part of the adoption process, we try to offer a path aimed at building their future: school and vocational education, relations with various sectors of the world of professions that are present in our country, to help orientations professional, support in creating small events that could become employment opportunities for them and others in the future.

Our story – It all began at the end of 1996, when a group of "enthusiasts" shared a desire to volunteer in orphanages in Almaty. Given the number of orphanages in the city, the population in them, and of course, a small number of "enthusiasts", it was decided to take the most realistic approach. Choose a small group in one family house and start the experience with that. Absolutely simple experience of a weekly visit to spend some time with the children, help them in their school assignments, organize trips, birthdays and so on. A friendship that just wanted to accompany the guys in their growth. After some time, new questions began to arise. Questions like whether what we did is enough, is it really what the guys needed. And from these questions, step by step, the reality of the first family home grew, which at first took the guys only for the weekend, and later constantly. Then the slow growth of the family, the need to find a wider and more suitable place for future prospects, moving from Almaty to Talgar with even more significant changes. At the same time, the increase in the number of people who became acquainted with our work, to be friends with us, to support the needs of children, old and new, and all our projects in different ways. Until this day, where we are today. What will be tomorrow? Our history teaches that it’s hard to guess. Life itself will show.

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